Explained: 5 Reasons To Buy A Second-hand Dio In Bangalore

India is one of the best two-wheeler manufacturers in the world, there is always competition between the bike and scooter manufacturing industries. By introducing world-class products in the market, these manufacturers try to attract customers with specific requirements such as better mileage, excellent cooling system, comfortable seating structure, etc. With so much to choose from, every two-wheeler industry provides different variations of these facilities but Honda Dio is an exception.

Honda Dio was introduced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India and is considered one of the most successful scooters that have been launched in the Indian two-wheeler market. This scooter arrived on the market in the year 2001 with a 102 CC engine and right now the company is still manufacturing the upgraded model of the scooter. The current price of a brand-new Honda Dio is Rs. 71,280/- (ex-showroom – Bangalore), coming in 7 different colors.

As per the sales record published by the company, Honda has been able to successfully sell more than 3 million Dio till 2019 which indicates that getting a second-hand Dio in Bangalore would be an easy feat for you. If you are thinking about purchasing a scooter while staying in Bangalore that solves your daily commuting issues, our best recommendation would be a second hand Dio in Bangalore.

If you travel to the workplace daily or work as a food delivery executive then Honda Dio can provide you better control, fuel efficiency, mileage, and comfort while you are riding your two-wheeler. Moreover, getting all these exquisite features at half price is a solid deal if you are opting for a second-hand Honda Dio in Bangalore.

The insurance premium for a second-hand Honda Dio is significantly less than a brand new two-wheeler.

Why you should purchase second-hand Dio in Bangalore

Quality features at half price

If you purchase a second-hand Dio in Bangalore then you will be able to enjoy the excellent features of the Honda Dio bike at an affordable price. It has a BS6-type engine with a cubic capacity of 109. Not to mention the mileage of the bike is 55kmpl. All of these features, you can get at an extremely affordable price. To properly check the qualitative features of the second-hand Dio in Bangalore you can invite a professional mechanic to accompany you to the seller. If you want to skip this particular process of checking the features of the two-wheeler, you can simply visit Beepkart, where you will be able to find the best quality second-hand Honda Dio at a reasonable price.

You will be able to find a second-hand Honda Dio at an affordable price in Beepkart.

Low insurance premium cost

If you purchase a second-hand Dio in Bangalore you will have to pay a significantly lower insurance premium and it will help you save a lot of money. Buying a new scooter or any other two-wheeler will include a hefty sum of an insurance premium which you are bound to pay regularly.

In India, people of diverse backgrounds prefer using two-wheelers like Honda Dio where hefty sums of insurance premium can potentially increase your overall maintenance cost. Where people like food or parcel delivery executives who earn their living with the help of two-wheelers can lower the maintenance cost by opting for a second-hand Dio in Bangalore, it will also efficiently fit their budget.

Regular assistance services at an affordable price

To provide a better customer experience, Honda has opened up service stations in multiple locations throughout India and the servicing of their vehicles is extremely affordable for people of diverse financial backgrounds. The service cost of a second-hand Dio is substantially inexpensive and that is why buying a second-hand Dio is a great choice.

If you purchase a new Dio, you may receive one or two services for free but after that, you may have to spend a hefty sum to maintain the condition and performance of your scooter. With second-hand Dio in Bangalore, you will have to spend less on services.

Higher resale value

When it comes to resale value, the new bikes are always at a disadvantage because the price of new bikes starts to decrease at a significant rate from the moment of purchase. The value of the two continues to decrease for five years and after that, it slows down even more. On the other hand, if you purchase a second-hand Honda Dio you won’t have to be worried about the resale value of your vehicle because even if you use the scooter for a significant amount of time, the value will remain almost the same.

More importantly, the value of a second-hand scooter decreases at a very low rate in comparison to new bikes and scooters. So, you don’t need to be worried about the usage metrics if you purchase a second-hand Dio in Bangalore. This way, even if you sell it later on you will receive a handsome resale amount (given that you have properly maintained the two-wheeler’s condition).

Better mileage

In the current scenario, increasing fuel costs is everyone’s growing concern, and purchasing a second-hand Dio in Bangalore will probably be a sigh of relief here. Honda Dio has a mileage of 55 km which means that using 1 liter of fuel the scooter can travel up to 55 kilometers. If you are to purchase a second-hand Dio that gives 55 km mileage then it is a great deal for you given the current fuel costs and market conditions.

Now that you have looked at the reasons why you should opt for second-hand Dio in Bangalore you will need to make your final decision. As stated earlier, mileage is an important factor you should keep in mind because the rising fuel price is a concern for everyone who uses a two-wheeler or any other vehicle. Honda Dio can give you a mileage of at least 55 km which will help you save a lot of money by reducing fuel consumption.

If you want to purchase a second-hand Dio in Bangalore without any hassle then you can visit Beepkart which is an online second-hand bike selling platform. Beepkart will take care of all of your purchase-related issues such as service history, vehicle papers, insurance premium, etc. so that you can easily purchase the two-wheeler without being worried about a thing. For more information, visit Beepkart today.

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