Enticing Color Combinations for House Exteriors

Enticing Color Combinations for House Exteriors

We all have grown up hearing, “the first impression is the last impression,” and it is undoubtedly true for most things, especially your house paint. A mistake some house owners make is focusing too much on the activities related to paintings for living room, bedroom, study room, and other rooms of the house, and neglecting the exteriors.  If you are making the same mistake, it is time to stop and pay equal attention to your house exteriors. 

Selecting a shade or more for house exteriors can be intimidating for many, but we’re here to make things easier for you. To help you pick the ideal shade for your house exteriors, we’ve curated an epic guide listing some popular color combinations that rarely go wrong, irrespective of the type of house you live in. So let’s head straight to the color combinations shared below.

Bluish-white, Grey, & Dark Blue

Want an easy-going color combination for your house? If yes, bluish-white, grey, and dark blue are the choices for you. If you have villas, paint the base of your home bluish-white. The trims, steps, and pillars (if any) should be painted with beautiful grey. Dark blue should be painted at the roof to complement the entire color scheme. This small house Indian house color combination outside will look stunning, irrespective of the locality your house is situated in. Though these three colors go in perfect sync, you can consider replacing one or more colors with a shade of your choice.

Brown Hues, Yellow, & White

A small splash of bright or vibrant color goes exceptionally well with a house painted mostly with neutral tones of light brown and white. While the various brown and white shades and paint textures add elegance to the home, the splash of colors like yellow adds a beautiful vibrancy to the place. A combination of neutral and vibrant colors rarely goes wrong and helps the house owner highlight areas he wants to use colors. You can ask paint professionals to suggest to you the best ways to paint your house exteriors using these three colors. 

Charcoal Grey & White

Those who prefer a classy exterior look over a youthful and vibrant look prefer to stick with color schemes involving charcoal grey and white as the prime shades. You just have to be wise and clear about where to apply the particular shades. For example, if you have a balcony frame and boundary wall, paint it charcoal grey. White shade and its hues can be used to paint the foundational structure for an elaborate and elegant look. Both charcoal grey and white look stellar together and impart a modern yet classic look.

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Grey, Brown, Orange, & Blush

If you love adding colors to your house, this combination would work best. This is a combination where you get to use many colors without disrupting the balance. Brown and grey generally hold prominence in this shade scheme, while allowing blush and orange to have their spot quite beautifully. Together, this color combination can make your house exterior look funky yet classic.

Now that you have four ready color schemes for your house exteriors, go ahead and pick the one that best appeals to you. You can also take consultation from professional painters for more customized options.  

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