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The frequency with which you treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure may vary widely from person to person. Nails require a bit more care and maintenance if you use your hands frequently in your profession or hobbies.

But experts say the best way to maintain healthy nails is to wait at least three weeks between manicures and pedicures. During this time period, you will notice that your nails and cuticles are drying out and becoming more ragged. Most nail polishes and top coats also wear off after a while.

Sometimes you want to do nails so much but encounter the following obstacles:

– Want to do nails but are afraid to go far

– You just moved to a new neighborhood and don’t know where to do your nails

– Do you want to do nails but don’t have time?

– Don’t know which nail salon is good and satisfactory?

– Want to do nails but can’t find nail designs

Then, surely the universe is sending a message to you that you need to download the Maby app right away to care for your nails without thinking.

MABY, all of the above obstacles are no longer a worry

– Customers can find nail salons near you

– Customers only need to go to the app to set a date when surfing on mobile

– Help salon owners synchronize customer data on common Maby platforms

– Allow customers to actively choose the time frame, and choose the worker according to the customer’s liking

With Location and positioning, Smart Maby will locate nail salons near you with thousands of offers for you to choose from.

–  Moreover, thanks to Maby, busy women can still arrange a reasonable time, and make an appointment without waiting.

With Maby-At Your Fingertips, you can pick your favorite nail artist, at any location and convenient time of your choice anytime, anywhere.

Download the Maby app to take your nail salon experience “to the next level”!


Website: https://maby.us

Facebook: https://facebook.com/maby.platform/

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