Car Buying Tips and Tricks

Every year, almost 50 million vehicles are sold in the United States. Based on statistics, the majority are negative experiences. There’s the false advertising, the misrepresentations, the game playing, and, of course, the outright lies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Since 1991, I’ve been helping regular people wade through the minefield of car buying. As an auto broker, I serve as their agent, helping them save time, money and hassles.

Over the two decades I’ve been doing this, I structured literally thousands of transactions, and have saved these folk over $3 million. It has been very rewarding, and many of my 500-plus clients have become good friends, which makes me feel great. And as a car enthusiast, it’s been wonderful to leverage my passion for automobile to help others. Unfortunately, I can only help about 10 to 15 people per month personally.

As I’ve accumulated such a wealth of knowledge over the years, it seems crazy not to get it out there to help the millions of other car shoppers. That’s the purpose of the Car Buying Tips Guide: to disseminate all that I’ve learned through the decades to help others save time, avoid hassles and get a better deal when the time comes for a new set of wheels. Unlike other books written about the subject by consumer advocates, this one is from a true insider’s point of view.

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And, because a broker such as myself handles every aspect of the transaction—including buying at auction, helping sell any trade-in, leasing or financing, and the sale or installation of products such as service contracts (also called extended warranties) and accessories—the Guide covers more ground than those books written by typical dealership salespeople or managers.

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