Brief Introduction on Process of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Ready-mixed concrete, also known as commercial concrete, which mixed in a mixing station in accordance with a certain proportion of mixed raw materials. The production process of ready-mixed concrete mainly includes the following steps.

1. Storage and transportation of raw materials

The production of ready-mixed concrete first requires the storage and transportation of various raw materials. These raw materials include cement, aggregates (sand, stone), water and additives. Various raw materials need to be quality tested before entering the RMC mixing station to ensure that their quality meets relevant standards. The qualified raw materials enter the respective storage facilities through the delivery equipment.

2. Ingredients and measurement

In the production of ready-mixed concrete, accurate batching and metering are very important. The batching and metering equipment will mix various raw materials in certain proportions according to the design requirements of the concrete. Modern mixing plants usually use automated control systems, which can achieve accurate batching and metering and reduce human error.

3. Mixing

After the dosing and metering is completed, various raw materials are fed into the blender for mixing. The type and specifications of the mixer need to be selected according to the production capacity and the performance requirements of the concrete. During the mixing process, it is also necessary to add an appropriate amount of water to help the concrete form an even texture.

4. Discharge and transportation

After sufficient mixing, the ready-mixed concrete is transported to the discharge port and sent to the construction site by the transport truck. In order to ensure the quality and performance of concrete, it is necessary to keep the continuous rotation of the mixing truck during transportation to prevent the segregation of concrete.

5. Delivery and use

After the ready-mixed concrete is transported to the construction site, it needs to be poured and maintained according to the construction requirements. In the process of pouring, it is necessary to pay attention to the performance indicators such as slump of concrete to ensure that it meets the design requirements. Concrete after pouring needs to be properly cured to ensure its strength and durability.

In short, the production process of ready-mixed concrete is a complex process that requires close coordination of all links. Through scientific management and advanced equipment, high-quality ready-mixed concrete can be produced, contributing to the development of the construction industry.

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