Blackjack: Multi-deck or Single Deck - The Spooky Express

Blackjack: Multi-deck or Single Deck – The Spooky Express

As we have seen, the main variations in strategy take place with our doubling and splitting strategies—moves which entail an increased wager on the hand. Let’s now see just why the single-and multiple-deck blackjack games are slightly different. The greater number of cards used in a multiple-deck game makes the removal of any particular card or cards less important for composition change purposes and, as a result, our doubling and splitting strategies are less aggressive.

For example, the removal of three cards (5, 3, and 5) create a favorable imbalance for the player in a single-deck game and makes a 53 double versus the dealer’s 5 a profitable play. Not only will these cards be poor draws for the player’s double, but they’re three cards the dealer needs to improve his hand. The effective removal of these three cards gives you a better chance of drawing a 10 on your 8 and, at the same time, increases the dealer’s chance of busting. Thus, in a single-deck game, 53 versus 5 is a favorable double.

Atlantic City multiple decks

The blackjack games offered in Atlantic City differ from the Nevada games in several ways. For one thing, most Atlantic City games are dealt from either a 4-, 6-or 8-deck shoe. In recent years, though, single-deck games have become available, but with a caveat—blackjacks are paid off at 6 to 5, which makes it a terrible game (that rule costs you 1.39%) and the dealer hits on soft 17 (which costs you another .20%). You should avoid any game where blackjacks only pay off at 6 to 5 (as opposed to the standard 3 to 2).

European no-hole-card rules

These strategies are for multiple-deck play and take into account that players may only double on totals of 9, 10 and 11, and also will double and splitless aggressively when the dealer shows a 10 or ace due to the no-hole-card rule. In no-hole-card games that allow the player to double after splitting, you will split more aggressively to take advantage of this favorable option. We’ll show that strategy plays in a master chart.

Player’s options

Use these strategies where the following options are permitted

Doubling Down Permitted After Splitting

Doubling down after splitting is a standard option in Atlantic City, Great Britain, and many casinos around the world, but offered only in a few Nevada casinos. This option allows the player to double down on one or more of the hands resulting from a split according to the standard doubling rules of the casino.

When doubling after splitting is permitted, we will split our pairs more aggressively to take advantage of good doubling situations that can arise as a consequence of the split. This option is favorable to the player.

Late Surrender

e Surrender Late surrender is a player option to forfeit your hand and lose half the bet after it has been determined that the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack. In other words, if the dealer has a blackjack, you will lose your bet before you have a chance to surrender. This option is a favorable option for you.

Early Surrender

A player option to forfeit his hand and lose half his bet before the dealer checks for a blackjack. A rare option, but extremely valuable for the player if available because you’re able to surrender your cards and save half your bet even though the dealer may have a blackjack.

Lastly Comment

However, the removal of these three cards is barely felt in a four-deck game. There are twenty-nine other 3s and 5s in a four-deck game as compared to only five in a single deck. Thus, not enough of a favorable imbalance has been created in the multiple-deck game, and the double down is not a correct play.

This lack of sensitivity to particular card removal accounts for nine strategy changes in the multiple-deck game compared to the preceding single deck master charts we just presented. Except for the following nine changes in the doubling and splitting strategies, the multiple deck basic strategy is identical to the single-deck basic strategy.

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