Benefits of Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Soft close cabinet door hinges are a type of hinge mechanism for cabinet doors. They are designed to prevent the cabinet door from closing violently, providing you with a smoother and slower closing action.

In addition to being a purely functional accessory, these cabinet hinges bring a range of benefits that improve the usability and longevity of cabinets. In this exploration, we will delve into the many benefits of soft close cabinet hinges.

  1. Noise Reduction

KEA’s soft close cabinet hinges adopt advanced damping technology. This technique allows the cabinet door to close slowly and smoothly, avoiding the common banging sound.

This has a significant impact on the quietness and comfort of the living environment. You will find that the soft closing cabinet hinges make the opening and closing of the cabinet door more pleasant, which improves daily harmony.

  1. Protection of Cabinet Contents

Why can soft close cabinet hinges protect the goods in the cabinet? This is because their soft close reduces the possibility of objects moving or falling due to the door closing force, avoiding breakage or leakage.

A variety of bottles, utensils and cutlery are stored in the kitchen cabinets, and they are particularly vulnerable to damage by impact. Soft close cabinet hinges minimize the chance of collision and breaking of contents by avoiding the impact of the cabinet door when it is closed with their gradual and controlled closing mechanism.

Therefore, soft close cabinet hinges provide additional security for kitchen cabinets that require the proper storage of fragile items, creating a more reliable environment for users.

  1. Prevent Damage and Extend Service Life

The unique design of soft close cabinet hinges ensures that the cabinet door is closed gently, reducing the possibility of damage to the door and extending its service life while maintaining its beautiful appearance.

The traditional way of closing the cabinet door may be subject to strong impact, causing wear and tear on the surface of the cabinet door, and may even cause structural damage. In contrast, soft close cabinet hinges provide an extra layer of protection and allow the door to close smoothly and slowly.

More significantly, this extra protection increases the cabinet’s lifespan in addition to maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Soft close cabinet hinges guarantee that cabinets stay sturdy and durable for a long time by minimizing wear and the chance of damage, providing you with a more reliable experience.

  1. Enhance User Experience

Soft close cabinet hinges greatly improve the user experience. When using soft closing cabinet hinges, opening and closing the cabinet door becomes seamless and easy, creating a more pleasant and friendly environment for you.

Traditional cabinet door closures may require extra force or may bring an unexpectedly strong impact feeling when closed. Soft close cabinet hinges enable the user to effortlessly open or draw the cabinet door by providing a smoother, lighter opening and shutting experience thanks to their well-designed mechanism.

  1. Child Safety

For families with young children, the advantages of soft close cabinet hinges in terms of safety are especially noteworthy. Why say that? If you have little children in your home, they could get curious about the door and try to open and close it.

There is a chance of a clamp injury while using the conventional cabinet door closing technique. However, parents can feel more at ease knowing that their cabinet doors close slowly and smoothly thanks to the design of soft close cabinet hinges, which use dampening technology to accomplish this.

With the help of soft closing technology, families may live in a more tranquil and comfortable home that is safer for the kids.


In short, soft close cabinet hinges offer many advantages over just being convenient. These hinges are an intelligent and useful addition to any house, offering benefits including noise reduction, increased security, and cabinet protection.

KEA’s variety of soft close cabinet hinges can not only enhance the function of the cabinet, but also improve the overall quality of the living space, creating a more livable, safe and pleasant experience for you.

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