Ajrakh printed blouse designs with floral and Paisley block printing for traditional sarees

Ajrakh printed blouse designs with floral and Paisley block printing for traditional sarees.

Ajrakh printed blouse designs are trending everywhere and women of India have been wearing these blouses for thousands of years. These blouses are very comfortable and easy to wear but also look very classy and attractive whenever you wear them. Women of India love to wear sarees and it’s been going on for years and blouses play an important role in that, it enhances the beauty of the saree and give you a perfect look. Blouses are not only for women who are housewives, not many businesswomen wear saree and blouses on a daily basis which gives them an attractive look. Wearing Indian clothes in India gives women calm and confidence all day. Wearing a saree in India is considered a pure thing in India, every formal and basic saree with an attractive and printed blouse is the best combination you will ever see. Ajrakh printed blouse designs have different types of patterns and designs in one blouse with different types of fancy cuts. Except for other designs, the Paisley print is Just fabulous and this print you will see in every second shop of blouses. Paisley prints in a very famous and attractive design of the blouse. If you love yourself and give your outfit a mixture of bold colors you will look the cutest one in every function and party. Most of the girls get confused whenever they have to go to any party or to attend any function or wedding. What to wear and what not to wear, don’t worry about that just pick up some of your favorite sarees and choose any of the printed designs of ajrak collection and pair it, you will look beautiful as well as attractive at the party. Because Indian wear is that thing you can wear at every Indian wedding or function.

Latest ajrakh floral printed blouse design

What a beautiful and attractive floral print design of ajrakh blouse, perfect for every occasion and festival. Very unique floral and leaves work with round cuts on the back. Mountain type cut on the corner of the hands,this design will give a rich look. Pair this blouse with a floral baby pink saree or royal white saree with a little bit of Pinky makeup and you will just rock.

Royal white, pink and green floral printed ajrakh blouse design

If you want a Royal and rich look without investing too much then this design is for you. Double pattern printed design on the back, round cut on the back, and mountain type cut on the hands. Very beautiful and super gorgeous. Pair this with any flower jewelry which you can buy online easily, Pinky type of makeup and green bangles. You can also wear this in your mehndi ceremony or in your friends’ mehndi ceremony.

Heavy navy blue ajrakh floral printed blouse design

Very beautiful and unique design of flowers with side lace design. This blouse is not for every day, this is for any function or wedding. Very comfortable made up of cotton material. Match this design with only a red saree or brown saree. This blouse is for special functions. You can also gift this to your friends and sister who is going to get married.

Basic dotted brown , yellow ajrakh printed blouse design

Basic Ajrak dotted printed blouse design, unique almond type cut on the back. The mountain type cut on the hands and the back is very unique and attractive. Good for every day to wear.

Attractive brown floral printed ajrakh  blouse design

This design will give a bold look. Very beautiful and attractive back design printed blouse design. These neutral colors can be paired with any color because of their basic and neutral design. Off-sleeved blouses are considered to be the best for Summers. Very soft and cotton material, super comfortable and classy.

Beautiful pinkish basic Ajrak blouse design

Very basic and beautiful Ajrak blouse design will attract everyone towards you. Gives you a beautiful look without any investment. The unique cut on the end of the blouse is eye-catching. Pair this with any of your pink or yellow saree.


These beautiful printed designs are perfect for brides and girls who are going to get married. Very attractive design gives you a classy as well as bold look. Super comfortable can easily pair with cotton and silk sarees


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