AED from Mindray Saves  You from Heart Disease

Every year on September 29, the world honors the heart. On this special day for the heart, we can take a break from our hectic lives and think about protecting our hearts and health. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs), the “wonder device” that saves lives in cardiac arrest, are also becoming more widely known as more people realize the significance of heart health and AED purchase.

Innovative, high-end AED manufacturer Mindray creates products that are both highly technological and highly comprehensible.

Innovative Mindray

Increased investment in research and development has led to two improvements for Mindray‘s AED products: a sizable color screen mounted on the AED and the addition of IoT functionality. With the Mindray AEDs, users may quickly collect and examine information on clear and multi-color displays.

Mindray AEDs have 360J biphasic technology with auto-compensation based on patient impedance, which can increase the success rate for patients who are challenged to defibrillate.

In the former, the first aid scenario is prioritized, and “animation + voice support” can successfully lead to the rescuer’s “anxiety causes the error” psychology.

Additionally, the system will assess whether a user is a newbie based on how long they have been using it, and the novice will receive more detailed speech and animation instruction.

Comprehensive Management System

The latter is Mindray’s AED management system, which can quickly determine whether the device is operational and whether the batteries are charged, among other things. This method greatly boosts productivity and ensures that the AED will be operational when needed for use in maintaining AED products. By using this method, it is ensured that the AED will operate normally when necessary.

For additional details, visit Mindray’s official website!

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