A Refreshing Approach to Wellness

Rebecca Hunton, MD, established the Wellspring Medical Center in Melbourne, to offer integrative medicine – the practice of combining conventional medical techniques with natural, yet proven alternatives to achieve wellness.

Wellspring offers a range of wellness solutions, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Acupuncture, and First Line Therapy. Dr. Hunton is a Board Certified and Fellowship trained in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Hunton is Brevard County’s only certified First Line Therapy physician.

First Line Therapy is the only studied and clinically validated therapeutic lifestyle modification program, providing a unique approach to medical treatment that takes into account the patient’s total internal and external environment, not only the specific ailment at hand.

Types of ailments that can be commonly treated through First Line Therapy options include Type 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Sleep, Sexual and Mood Disorders, and Weight Management issues. In the area of anti-aging, Dr. Hunton specializes in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, the science of providing hormone replacements that metabolize just like those currently found in our bodies.

Hormone optimization plays a significant role in anti-aging, but hormone imbalances can occur at any age. Dr. Hunton works with patients to determine the proper therapies, taking into account that our hormones all interact with and affect each other.

Last Word

Treating even mild hormone deficiencies can dramatically improve your quality of life. “In my practice, we spend a lot of time with the patients, reviewing diagnostic tests and other data to determine the best, personalized options for them.” Dr. Hunton believes that personalized, preventive care is of the utmost importance in helping people achieve their health goals.

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