10 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Should Try

10 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Should Try

If you’re serious about improving your website’s search engine ranking, you need to pay close attention to your backlink profile. A backlink is simply a link from one website to another, and they play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO).

Google and other major search engines use backlinks to gauge the quality and relevancy. Therefore, the more high-quality backlinks you have to your site, the higher your ranking.

Of course, it’s not just about quantity. The quality of your backlinks also matters. A link from a high-quality website is worth more than a hundred links from low-quality websites. That’s why it’s important to use a backlink checker tool to monitor your backlinks and ensure that they’re high quality. There are a lot of backlink checker tools out there, but which one is the best?

Here are ten of the best backlink checker tools you should try:

1 Ahrefs: Best Overall Backlink Checker Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and effective backlink checker tools available today. It offers users a comprehensive set of features that allow you to see detailed information about your own site’s backlinks and those of your competitors. Ahrefs also makes it easy to find opportunities to build new backlinks, an excellent tool for link building and backlink analysis.

2 Moz: Best Free Backlink Checker Tool

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is a free backlink checker tool that offers users a limited but valuable set of features. For example, it lets you see the top 100 backlinks to any given domain and information about each link’s anchor text and PageRank. Moz’s Open Site Explorer is a great tool for beginners who want to get started with backlinks analysis.

3 SEMrush: Best Backlink Checker Tool for Competitive Analysis

SEMrush is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing tool that offers a backlink checker tool as just one of its many features. SEMrush’s backlink checker tool allows you to see detailed information about your own site’s backlinks and those of your competitors. It also offers a host of other features to help you improve your website’s SEO, including keyword research, competitive analysis, etc.

4 SpyFu: Best for Keyword Research & PPC

SpyFu is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides users with a wide range of tools to help them improve their online visibility and ranking. One of the most popular features of SpyFu is its backlink checker tool, which allows users to see who is linking to their website and track their progress over time.

5 Majestic: Best for Link Building

Majestic is one of the most popular backlink checker tools on the market, and for a good reason. Its link-building features are second to none, and it provides users with valuable insights into their competition. Majestic is also one of the most user-friendly backlink checkers, making it a great choice for beginners.

6 Searchmetrics: Best for Competitive Analysis

Searchmetrics is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that offers many features and tools, including a backlink checker. Searchmetrics’ backlink checker lets you see detailed information about your site’s backlinks and competitors. It also offers other features, such as keyword research, competitive analysis, etc.

7 LinkResearchTools: Best for Link Building & Backlink Analysis

LinkResearchTools is a comprehensive link-building and backlink analysis platform that offers users many features. Its link-building features are among the best in the industry, and it also offers a highly effective backlink checker tool. As a result, LinkResearchTools is an excellent choice for building high-quality backlinks and performing detailed backlink analyses.

8 CognitiveSEO: Best for Backlink Analysis & Link Building

If you’re serious about your SEO and want to build long-term backlinks, you need a tool like CognitiveSEO. It’s one of the best link-building and backlink analysis tools. With CognitiveSEO, you can track your competitor’s backlinks, analyze your link profile, etc.

9 Monitor Backlinks: Best for Creating a Backlink Portfolio

This is a great tool for those who want to track their backlink portfolio and ensure that they get the most out of their link-building efforts. Monitor Backlinks allows users to track up to 5,000 links, view detailed link information, and receive weekly updates on their link portfolio.

10 Linkody: Best for Link Building & Backlink Management

Linkody is a great tool for those who want to build links and manage their backlink portfolio. It’s easy to use and offers many features, such as link building, backlink analysis, link management, etc.

These are the ten best backlink checker tools you should try. Each tool has its unique features and benefits, so choose the best suits your needs.

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