What do you know about the f8bet bonus game?

Which bonus games does the f8bet house have?

Currently, the house F8bet owns many outstanding bonus games. Games related to sports betting, card games, shooting fish or lotteries are offered in a wide range to choose.

In sports betting, you can watch and experience exciting and high-class matches from famous leagues all around the world. The prominent sports that must be mentioned are betting on football, volleyball, basketball, tennis…

On the other hand, when participating in card games, players will have countless choices to pick. They can choose to bet on many types of game in this genre. Some typical card games are exploding jars, poker, blackjack …

In the shooting fish genre, you can choose according to the game titles such as shooting fish H5, shooting mermaid, shooting King fish…

About lottery, F8bet offerring all types of lotteries from many regions. It could be too long to express all the games but they all have a thing in common is that players can get many bets when playing this game genre.

In general, F8bet is providing the most complete award winning games in many countries. Players only need to register for an account to freely access and enjoy a variety of quality redemption games.

Traditional types of bonus games

Redemption games have appeared in local places for a long time in many different forms. In particular, these games have been familiar to many gamers since their childhood and they vary from card games, shooting fish games to exploding jars, which are still popular at the moment.

Previously, these games were played and redeemed by phone scratch cards. But, in the current situation, the F8bet bookmaker has elevated them with more upgrades in terms of sound & image systems, rates, and payment methods.

Modern types of bonus games

Using the traditional redemption game as the foundation, there are quite a few modern games that are also popular among the betting community. The most popular forms are lottery , sports and e-sports betting.

In particular, modern games are more focused on 3D graphics and motion systems. Along with that, the algorithms in the game also give players more interesting and realistic feeling.

The attractiveness of the F8bet bonus game

F8bet is the fastest growing bookmaker in the betting supply market. For the bonus game series, the house is also creating certain values ​​of benefits for players.

High payout ratio

The bookie is always confident to be the leading platform to bring you various games with the highest odds. Compared to other bookies on the market, F8bet gives gamers a much higher payout ratio.

Cashback offer

It is rare for any bookie to be willing to refund players when participating in a bonus game and losing.

Gaming experiences

One of the features that players always require is the sharing of betting experience. Accordingly, the bookie regularly creates discussion articles on the forum for users to learn and refer to.

Along with that, on the website of the bookie, there are also many shared articles related to betting. The experience of betting in general and the redemption game in particular above is an important information channel to help you bring home victories.

What forms of Lottery in F8bet?

At present, F8bet is developing lottery betting games in many forms. The most familiar is still based on the results of the North, Central and South are lottery results. In particular, the house has also developed a form of super-speed lottery betting.

Completely, when you participate in the super-speed lottery betting, you can choose to bet according to the quick lottery odds. There are many time frames for you to choose from 1 second, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 30 seconds, 2 minutes to 5 minutes. In each betting sector, you can bet Big, Small or Even, Odd as you prefer.

As for the 3 forms of betting according to the North, Central and South are lottery, it is similar to playing directly. You choose the number and inform to the dealer right on the website interface. Then, all you have to do is waiting for the lottery results on the radio station to draw prizes every day.

In addition, lottery games at trang chủ F8bet also allows you to place bets in the form of 2 and 3. The form of 2-3-4 parlays is also being developed by F8bet. You can also participate in betting on special prizes of the above lottery forms.

What is the payout ratio?

One of the things that makes F8bet attractive in the betting market is the extremely high payout rate. When you correctly guess the lottery number, the payout ratio usually fluctuates around 1 to 99. Compared to assigning numbers at the dealer’s desk, participating in betting at F8bet gives you a lot more of benefits.

Again, the higher the difficulty, the higher the payout ratio you will get when predict correctly. If you accurately predict the head-to-tail 2D lot, the payout ratio is 1 to 99.5.

When predicting perfectly in the form of head and tail 3D bets, you will receive a reward at the rate of 1 to 750.

How to play the lottery?


Participating in lottery betting is all about personal luck. However, when you have a combination of reason and emotion, joining in this form will also be more interesting.

Some experience in choosing lucky numbers that players should apply are as follows:

Usually each person will have their own one or several jackpot numbers. Therefore, when you use them to predict the today’s prize, your chances of winning will increase a lot.

Lottery screening is a method that many players have applied and it has brought many great success. However, in order to search effectively, you must spend time on learning carefully about the lottery and the probability of jackpot numbers.

Smart betting is something that every bettor needs to pay attention to. This ensures the maximum amount of your bet is preserved. Along with that, when winning, the amount of bonus received will also have a higher chance to increase.

The last tip is creating your own lottery dream book. Every dream you have experienced contains not only meanings but also numbers. That may be the heaven message from your ancestors to help you receive a big bonus.


In this post, we have shared all the things we know about lottery and we assure that when playing at F8bet, you will get the most satisfied gaming experience and a lot of benefits. So, let’s quickly visit the bookie and place your bet.

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