How to play BK8 Cockfighting

How to play BK8 Cockfighting

The BK8 bookie is well-known in the Asian region as a trustworthy and high-quality gambling platform. With the online  cockfighting subculture, the bookie is known as “The Big Oak.”

So, from the company’s start, the cockfighting wager at BK888 had grown in lockstep.

Consequently, the win rate in the cock fighting game is constantly high. The games were performed with fervor in order to satisfy the players’ urge to compete.

Lastly, BK8 specializes in cutting-edge gambling technology to make sure that players may wager fairly, transparently, and easily. Just a few divisions in the current cockfighting betting market can cope with BK8 overall.

How to bet at cock fighting at BK8

To participate in cockfighting bet at BK8, you should first master the game’s regulations. Here are some info on the rules of online cock fighting as well as how to join at BK8.

Terms and regulations

Online cockfighting restrictions are identical to those of traditional cockfighting in particular. Many various breeds of cocks are selected to compete in many arenas. The cocks are indeed armed with knives or iron spikes, which heightens the tension of the game.

You must bet on Meron type (the banker), Sewa (the guest house), and Bdd when watching the game. Every cockfight lasts around 10-15 mins. To pick a winner or loser, the adjudicator will employ the following rules:

A living rooster won the tournament; a dead rooster loses.

Cocks that fail to fight in the next round are also regarded losers at the end of the match.

Cocks that refrain from fight or strike will also fail during the event.

The defeat will be scored if the cock departs during the match.

Standing nine times will result in a tie if the cock has had its beak on the ground twice. It’s important to remember that this sort of draw happens occasionally, so be aware of that.

Betting tips at BK8

Careful with your moves

When betting on cock fighting, you must actively learn how to choose a regular bet. To start, think about coat color, form, weight, and general appeal to see which is most likely to prevail.

Considering the side information

The house BK8 constantly provides you with details about the cocks’ fighting history and achievements. As a consequence, to make a better educated judgment, you need actively look for data about them.

Does BK8 cheat on their players?

Definitely not. In Asia, BK8 bookie is famous as the largest supplier of reputable and elevated betting products. BK8 is really headquartered in the Malta and is authorized by the local government.

During its growth, was likewise considered as a trustworthy unit by betting companies all over the world. Hence , the bookmaker’s webpage is also regarded as extremely safe and reliable. As a consequence, players will feel entirely protected when disclosing personal information.


Throughout decades of development, BK8, especially, has never collected any fraudulent feedback from customers. As a consequence, you may have confidence in the quality of product, activities, and information provided by BK8 to its consumers.

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