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How can you Make My Acrylic Keychain Stickers?

You can make your acrylic keychain stickers using vinyl. Transparent vinyl is an excellent base for layering different types of vinyl. After applying the vinyl, you can use a burnishing tool to adhere it to the acrylic. Then, you can place the vinyl where you want. The vinyl should have a white backing.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are recyclable. They are made from 100% recycled acrylic and are better for the environment than enamel alternatives. They are sold in different colours and sizes and feature an alligator clasp chain for an easy keychain attachment. Creating custom keychains can be a fun Cricut project for beginners. These unique keychains are easy to make with a Cricut machine and can make great gifts for friends and family. Many companies sell specialized kits and accessories for these types of projects.

Custom holographic keychains

Holographic acrylic keychains are clear and colourful, with or without a shiny finish. They can be transparent, epoxy-coated, or rainbow-like and are durable and odourless. They’re also water-resistant and have a robust and smooth feel to them. They can be custom-printed on both sides with a glitter epoxy coating or without the glitter.

A Cricut cutting machine can also be used to make custom clothing items. You can use the machine to create shirts to sell, “Bride” jackets, and other apparel. You can even use the machine to design jewellery. It also works excellent for embossing stencils and jewellery. You can even make your custom earrings or jewellery using a Cricut. You can also use the machine to create quilts or fabric items. These custom keychains can be customized with alternative images or sequins. They have a durable acrylic outer layer and an interchangeable inner layer. You can add a name or other personalization to your custom acrylic keychain. Larger orders receive a discount.

Cricut cutting machines

If you are looking for an easy way to make acrylic keychain stickers, you can use a Cricut cutting machine. This machine has a software program called Design Space that allows you to create custom designs. Once you have the design you want, you can connect it to your Cricut machine.

Another popular project you can do with a Cricut is to make custom signs. There are numerous templates available online that allow you to create a variety of unique signs. You can also use a blank sign and print your design on it. This is a great project to do during the holidays. Another Cricut-friendly project is making ornaments. These are excellent gifts for your friends and family and can also be sold on Etsy.

One of the main benefits of using a Cricut is the ease of use. It is not difficult to learn how to use it, and there are different models for different price ranges. The higher-end Cricut machines can cut wood and leather, among other materials. The lower-end machines are perfect for creating simple designs for smaller projects.

UV Resin

There are many ways to make acrylic keychain stickers, one of which is to use UV resin. When using UV resin, use a silicone-tipped tool, as adding too much UV resin will cause bubbles along the edges. Once the resin has dried, you can attach a keychain.

First, you will want to prepare the resin. You must wear protective gear and mix the resin with a hardener. Then, pour the resin into a silicone mold. When you have poured the resin, scrape the sides and the top to mix it properly.

The acrylic keychains come in many different colours and styles and can be custom-made with holographic designs and alternative images. You can choose from clear, opaque, or rainbow-like acrylic. You can also opt for gold or silver-plated designs. Acrylic keychains can be made with either an outer layer or an inner layer that can be replaced or customized.

The easiest way to customize an acrylic keychain is to cut out an image on vinyl or create one from scratch using a Cricut machine. Use appropriate Transfer Tape for the image type. If you use glitter or foil vinyl, you should use Strong Grip Transfer Tape. Be sure to use a scraper tool to remove the excess vinyl. Then, allow the image to dry for 72 hours before handling.

Applying vinyl

If you want to apply vinyl to an acrylic keychain, there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure a successful application. The first step is removing any coating on the acrylic key chain before applying the vinyl. Afterwards, line up the keyhole on the vinyl design with the keyhole on the acrylic key chain and press down firmly. Ideally, you will apply multiple layers of design at once.

Before starting the vinyl application, prepare the acrylic keychain with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel. Then, it would be best to burn the vinyl monogram onto the acrylic using a particular vinyl font in the Ultimate Crafter’s Font Bundle. Then, use a scraper tool to apply pressure to the vinyl decal while keeping it flat.

If you are using the Cricut, disable any unnecessary layers before you start. Also, adjust the colour settings and resize the design so it fits your acrylic blank—next, select premium vinyl and default pressure and fine point blade. Follow the directions on the screen to cut the keychain. Next, peel off the film from the acrylic blank. Then, apply transfer tape and repeat the process until the design is complete.


Vograce acrylic photocard holder keychains are transparent acrylic and resistant to odours and water. The material is also odourless and recyclable. Vograce acrylic keychains feature colourful charms and smooth edges. The material is also great for engraving. You can even choose holographic designs to add a unique touch to your keychain. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that meets your needs.

Vograce acrylic key chains are becoming increasingly popular and are often personalized with unique designs. They are popular gifts and are shipped all over the world. They are made of durable acrylic and need little maintenance. These key chains can last for many years.

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