Electree Cactus 30–40kW DC Charging Station by Winline Technology: Redefining EV Fast Charging Stations

Experience the next level of electric vehicle (EV) charging with Winline Technology‘s Electree Cactus 30-40kW DC Charging Station. Crafted specifically for destination charging scenarios, these stations offer lightning-fast charging speeds, surpassing traditional AC chargers while ensuring convenience for EV owners. As a pioneering supplier of ev fast charging stations, Winline Technology is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge charging infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of modern EV users. Come and explore the key features of their Electree Cactus charging stations, designed to revolutionize the EV charging experience.

Quick Charge Rates
The Electree Cactus 30–40kW DC Charging Station is made for destination charging situations when time is not of the essence. Its swift charging speeds guarantee that EV batteries are fully charged in no time. Bid farewell to protracted waits and welcome to effortless charging experiences.

Adherence to European DC Charging Guidelines
The compatibility and dependability of Winline Technology’s Electree Cactus charging stations are ensured by their complete compliance with European DC charging standards. Put your trust in Electree Cactus to satisfy the exacting standards of DC charging infrastructure, giving EV operators and owners peace of mind.

Advanced Safety Protocols

Safety is paramount in EV charging, and Winline Technology prioritizes user and vehicle safety. Electree Cactus Charging Stations are equipped with multiple protection designs and active protective functions, ensuring early warnings for any abnormalities during the charging process, and safeguarding users and their vehicles.


In summary, Electree Cactus 30-40kW DC Charging Station by Winline Technology redefines the concept of ev fast charging stations. With lightning-fast charging speeds, compliance with European DC charging standards, and advanced safety features, their charging stations offer a seamless and reliable charging experience for EV owners. Experience the future of EV charging with Winline Technology’s Electree Cactus — your trusted partner for fast and efficient EV charging solutions.

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