Stand-up Comedy can be linked with minstrel shows back in the early 1800s, but it became popular when the comedy club was created in the 1970s. By the 1980s stand-up comedians were everywhere, but not everyone’s the same, of course.

There are many distinct comedies — one stand-up comic can do familiar stories while others seem to make it as filthy as possible. When it comes to stand-up comedy, everybody has different styles. So, what are the most common types of stand-up comedy?

This article discusses the five most common types of stand-up comedy comedians use in their performances.

#1 Slapstick

It includes chases, movements, or actions which are silly and exaggerated and basic practical jokes. The slapstick is not as popular as before, like one of Charlie Chaplin’s first and simplest way of performing comedy, the Three Stooges, Dick Van Dyke, and Jerry Lewis, one of the finest physical/slapstick comedians.

Slapstick humor is still standing today, but it is often combined with other comedic genres. Jim Carrey, after having landed a recurring part in “In Living Color,” a sketch comedy series, has won national notoriety.

The “Jackass” films are an excellent example of a slapstick incorporating excessive physical exercise that transcends conventional physical comedy bounds, often containing abuse or even deliberate violence.

#2 Observational

Observational comedy is a mood based on the ordinary features of daily life. It is one of the major humor styles in stand-up comedy. In an observational comedy, the comic remarks something that is rarely observed or addressed out of the backwaters of life.

Comedy observation is something that may also be quickly familiar. Clean comedians like Jim Gaffigan, for example, are based on much of what occurs as a five-kid parent at home. With his content typically on parenthood, he must not use profanity, observation of his children, food, and fatigue. This is, of course, not always the case as many other comedians, such as Daniel Tosh (also renowned for this shock humor), who today perform observatory comedy and, in the past like Late Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks, utilized much profanity in their routines.

#3 Shock

Shock humor is a comedic style that shocks the public. This can be done by overly stupid toilet humor, open sexual subjects, ridiculing important topics, or by the lack of sensitivity following the catastrophe. Shock jocks utilize this humor brand on the radio.

Some individuals fail to find comedy in it and are disgusted and annoyed. For decades comedians have been punching buttons such as Lenny Bruce, who was even imprisoned for shouting nine “inappropriate remarks” following a stand-up performance.

#4 Topical 

Topical humor or satire demands an understanding of external events to perform comedy. This is a kind of humor based on headlines or major news and current issues, making jokes and entertaining others. Topical humor dates fast but is a popular comedy for late-night conversation and open mic performances.

#5 Surreal 

Surreal Comedy is a kind of comedy centered on odd juxtaposition, ridiculous events, and nonsensical reasoning that gives the viewer a shrill experience. You’ll want an insane man on the open microphone stage if the comic decides to do surreal comedy.

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