3-Way Handicap Betting Experience for Newbies

What is a 3-way handicap? This is a type of handicap that many people are interested in. However, to be able to play a 3-way handicap, you must clearly understand this bet. Let’s find out in the article below about what 3-way handicap betting is? From NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP Please.

What is a 3-way handicap?

In today’s online soccer betting, reputable bookmakers will often provide many different bets for you to choose from. 3-way handicap betting is the type of bet that has been most sought after by brothers in recent times.

3-way handicap bet is a form of bet converted from Asian handicap or Handicap handicap in today’s soccer betting bets.

Of course, the handicap for 3-way handicap bets will be the number of handicaps (even) with n winning hands. To make it easier to understand, it is the number of handicap goals between the away team and the home team that is 1,2,3 or more, not like the usual handicap bet of 0.25, 0.5 or 0.75.

In addition to the name 3-way handicap, this type of bet is also commonly called by people in the world with names like 3-bet handicap or 3-bet Asian handicap.

Instructions on how to bet on 3-way handicap for new players

For detailed instructions, let’s go into an example below:

A match between MU and Chelsea took place at Old Trafford in the English Premier League. At that time, reputable bookmakers will offer ODDS for 3-way handicap bets as follows:

If you bet on MU to handicap 3 goals for the whole match with an amount of 200k. And the match ends with Mu winning 4 goals, then you will win the bet. The amount received is: 200k x 13.40 = 2,680k. Then you will profit 2480k.

==> If MU wins with a difference of 3 cards, you tie the bet and do not lose money. If MU does not win by at least 3 goals or draw or lose, you will lose your bet and lose 200k.

If you bet (-3) the bet is a draw with the amount of 200k. And if MU wins with exactly 3 goals difference, you will win this bet with the amount: 200k x 10 = 2000k, you will receive 1800k.

==> If MU wins with 2 cards, 1 card, draws or loses, you lose this bet and of course you will lose money.

And if you bet on Chelsea with a handicap of 3 goals for 200k, and if Chelsea loses the match with a difference of 3 goals, you will win the bet and receive the amount: 200 x 1.4 = 280k, you I will profit 80k.

==> If Chelsea loses to MU with 3 cards, you win even, but if you lose more or less, you lose the bet, I’ll give you 200k.

The secret to playing 3-way handicap betting is easy to win

The way to play the 3-way handicap is the same as the handicap, however, for you to have more tips on how to play, the reputable house will share more of its experience in playing the 3-way handicap as follows:

Combine multiple odds in 1 ceiling

You should not pay too much attention to a bet because the odds are high, simply if the odds are high, the difficulty is also correspondingly high. Therefore, reputable bookmakers advise you to bet on many bets at the same time to spread out the amount of money such as betting on who scores first, who takes a corner first…

Play matches of very different levels

In matches where two teams are too evenly matched, the betting odds for this match are extremely difficult. You should choose matches where the two sides are far apart in level. Then the odds of guessing correctly will be extremely high.
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Don’t be too greedy

Too much of anything is not good. When having fun, you should know how to stop at the right point. Online betting is the same, if you lose too much and keep trying to bet on this and that bet, the admin thinks you will continue to lose on those bets.

You should keep a cool head to be able to make accurate betting decisions. If you lose too much, you should take a break, regain your mentality and strength to rematch the next day.


3-way handicap betting is a pretty good and interesting bet, however, players need to be careful, meticulous and learn to win the most. Hopefully the above article will help you answer your questions about what 3-way handicap betting is. Wishing you success on your online startup path.

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