How to access to VN88 When the link is Blocked

How to access to VN88 When the link is Blocked

There are a variety of reasons that internet casinos like VN88 are restricted. Now, we’ll tell you a couple fast remedies for this issue so you can go back to playing. This article is for not only VN88 players but also any online gambler.

Change the personal IP address

Major network providers in Vietnam routinely threaten to ban access to bookies’ websites. If you are a Vietnamese player having trouble visiting the VN88 website, you may completely alter your personal IP address.

It has shown to be the more effective strategy for players worldwide, not only in Vietnam. Follow these procedures to change your IP address:

The first thing is to browse to the control menu on your computer and then choose the Internet Manager tab.

Then, on the next step, pick “Network Control” and hit the “Next” icon.

The third step is on the “Adjust adapter settings” menu, choose “Network and properties.”

The last step is selecting “Properties” upon changing to the “Internet Protocol type.” The IP address of your machine may now be changed at any time. Visit the VN88 main website for a complete list of available addresses!

The procedure is pretty similar in a pc and a mobile phone. Visit the Application Store to change your iphone IP address. Including a downloaded app on Android, customers can accomplish it more easily and quickly.

Use some tools to hide your IP address

The aforementioned approaches, in addition to other false IP software, will provide the same results faster. You may surf VN88 or any additional site that mobile operators have banned by utilizing third-party tools to create a phony IP address. Such software is identifiable by similar names to Vietvpn, FreeVpn, and a variety of others. Alternatively, you may just look for the downloaded URL on major search engines like Google, Opera and so on.

Using our own backup connections

If you’ve followed all of the steps but are still not able to visit the gaming websites, don’t get too worked up. The authorized VN88 Link will be shown on our Fanpage and other social media platforms (a.k.a the backup URL). It’s worth noting that the VN88 bookmaker always gives loyal clients a backup connection in the event of a problem. We work hard to provide you with the most entertaining and reliable gaming feeling.

Find some supporting on the Internet

After trying all these solutions and come up with nothing, may be it’s time for you to stand up and ask for online advice. In many forums and groups, we have shared a lot of useful tips and methods to surpass this situation. If you are still finding it, we hope you can find someone that’s trustful enough to give you the answer. Do not afraid, it won’t take long.


These are fast workarounds for the problem of being unable to access the VN88 website. Our team  are always aiming to give our consumers with the best consistent gaming experience available. Lastly, thanks for taking our counsel.

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