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Heat Pump Manufacturer| Poolworld

For some people, the cold weather and hot weather are tough enough as it is. So a heat pump can help. Let’s go over the introduction of this great product and see why you should give it a try!

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is installed outside of your home and is a component of a heating and cooling system. It can chill your house, much like a conventional air conditioner, but it can also generate heat. A heat pump carries heat from chilly exterior air to your home during the winter months, and during the summer months, it removes heat from the inside air to cool your house. They are heated and cooled throughout the year using refrigerant, which is powered by electricity. Homeowners may not need to build separate heating systems because they handle both cooling and heating. For extra functionality in colder locations, an electric heat strip can be connected to the inside fan coil. Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels like furnaces do, making them more environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

With the exception of the aptly named reversing valve, a heat pump in heating mode functions exactly like one in cooling mode. When the flow is reversed, the heating source—even when it’s cold outside—becomes the outside air, and heat energy is discharged within the house. Now, the inside coil serves as the condenser, and the outdoor coil serves as an evaporator.

The process follows the same physics. The cool liquid refrigerant absorbs heat energy in the outdoor unit, changing it into cold gas. The cold gas is subsequently converted to hot gas by applying pressure. In the indoor unit, the hot gas is cooled by passing air, heating the house.


As a leading heat pump manufacturer in China, Poolworld is firmly committed to the air source heat pump sector and has a global viewpoint and an eye toward the future. We’re committed to helping countless families all around the world stay warm while simultaneously doing everything we can to save energy and reduce emissions. Please visit our website at poolworldhp.com.if you’re interested in learning more about our heat pump.

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