All You Wanted to Know about Polyphasic Sleep

Everyone knows that good sleep is essential for health. Of course, you would always find it really uneasiness and restlessness when you do not get sleep properly. And many of you are familiar with the general norm of sleep schedules, which means something like sleeping once per twenty-four-hour period for nearly seven to nine hours across the night. It is something that is even known as a monophasic sleep schedule.

Some of you may even be somewhat known as biphasic sleepers. It is when someone sleeps around nearly five to seven hours per night but then likes to add up to a thirty to ninety-minute power nap during the time of the day. But have you ever thought about what is polyphasic sleep? Well, it is the third type of sleep.

A polyphasic sleep schedule is the practice of sleeping manifold times; it is mostly more than two times in a single duration of a twenty-four-hour period. There are varied types of polyphasic sleep schedules, encompassing the Uberman sleep schedule and the Everyman sleep schedule.

Uberman sleep  

It is something that involves a series of twenty-minute naps across the day, conventionally a total of six naps or even that of two hours of complete sleep time.

Everyman schedule

The Everyman schedule is the one that originally began as a three-hour nap. It is then followed by a sequence of three 20-minute naps across the day. In the present time, it is more commonly known as that of a three-and-a-half-hour nap, after that the three twenty-minute naps.

Though it is quite challenging to train your mind and body to get into such a swing of this type of sleep cycle, polyphasic sleep is believed to offer a number of perks, both physical and mental. Many subjective rumours claim polyphasic sleep contributed to the huge successes of Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Nikola Tesla. Not just is polyphasic sleep endorsed by a number of individuals, but there has been evidence that evolution prefers polyphasic sleep schedules. Human beings were supposedly envisioned to evolve to carry on such a kind of sleep. Just ponder about it; most mammals, as well as other animals, are sleeping on a type of polyphasic schedule.

Some perks of polyphasic sleep schedules encompass enhanced brain activity, more efficient time management, and grown feelings of happiness and euphoria, among many others.

Boost the Frequency of Your Waking Activities

Some of you really relish starting that to-do list right after you wake up. For those of you who look forward to that first-of-the-day activity or task, such as running, walking, taking coffee, a great phone conversation, and more, a polyphasic sleep schedule could be for you.

With a polyphasic schedule, you will be able to experience not simply one first-of-the-day activity but a maximum of three. You are going to be in a position to fit in those errands, your walk, cup/coffee, and even that of phone conversation all in one single span of twenty-four hours.

It is also vital to consider elements such as habits before sleeping, such as which side is best to sleep on, timing, and sleep duration, among others, for the optimum sleep quality.


So, since you know now what is polyphasic sleep, you are in a position to choose what you think is good for you.

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